Friday, April 9, 2010

Fesler-Moss to offer array of custom options for 2010 Camaro

At this point, we haven’t seen much more than renderings of aftermarket Camaros, but the list of tuners who will be coming out with their own version of Chevrolet’s new muscle car is quickly growing. Scottsdale-based Fesler-Moss is that latest on that list, having announced a fairly extensive catalog of upgrades for the 2010 Camaro. So who is Fesler-Moss? Chris Fesler is the man behind Fesler Built, manufacturer of unique muscle cars and customs, and Jon Moss is the former director of GM’s specialty vehicles division. Needless to say, combined, the two men ought to have the credentials and the resources to come up with some pretty cool stuff.

Visually, the Fesler-Moss Camaro gets a hidden-headlamp front end, a reworked rear end, billet spears reminiscent of the 1969 model year, and a molded-in rear spoiler. The best parts, however, are the performance upgrades. Fesler-Moss will drop in an LS7, LS9 or any LSX V8 crate engine, supercharge the existing LS3, upgrade the suspension or brakes, and even convert the transmission to a paddle shift.

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