Saturday, October 23, 2010

Interior of Bugatti Veyron

Volvo S60 2010

2010 Renault DeZir Concept Car front interior

2010 Renault DeZir Concept Car front interior

2011 Porsche Cayenne Car Interior

2011 Volkswagen Polo GTI Interior

2011 BMW X5 Interior

2011 BMW X5 Interior

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Interior

2011 McLaren MP4-12C Interior

2011 McLaren MP4-12C Interior

2010 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 Car Interior

2010 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 Car Interior

Interior Car Of Fisker Latigo CS

Interior Car Of Fisker Latigo CS

Top Interior Car

Top Interior Car

2010 Kia Forte Koup Race Car Interior

Hot on the heels of unveiling its 2010 Forte Koup, Kia has announced today at the SEMA show that it will campaign the sporty two-door in the 2010 Grand-Am Koni Sports Car Challenge Series.

Interior Car Of Fisker Tramonto

Interior Car Of Fisker Tramonto

Interior Car Ceats 2010


The Porsche Panamera sedan

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Subaru cars interior styling

Bugatti Interior Cover

Volkswagen Car Interior

Volkswagen Car Interior

Kia Picanto Right Steering Concept

Kia Picanto Right Steering Concept

Ford Car Interior

Tesla Cars Interior Concept

The lotus cars interior custum modification idea

chevy impala car dashboard

chevy impala car dashboard

Chevrolet Impala Interior Picture Guide

Chevrolet Impala Interior Picture Guide

Car Interior Design Picture

Lexus Is 350 Interior

VW Phaeton Interior

Jaguar xf Interior Design

Audi TT Interior Design

New Diesel Cars Audi R8 Interior

New Diesel Cars Audi R8 Interior

Ford Mustang Interior

The Ford Mustang rates as the classic Muscle car. It is a hard job for the designers to evolve and modernise the look and feel of the car without compromising this rich heritage. It is nice to see how they have pulled this off with a nice chunky steering wheel and very deep set pods containing the rev/speedo and other instruments.

GBR German Built Roadster interior

With all the exciting red and black leather you might think that this was some exotic italian supercar. In reality it is the GBR (German Built Roadster). To make a car feel sporty you really need to have drilled metal pedals.

Mustang interior styling leather seats

The ford Mustang is a brilliant muscle car. It is often the small details that make a car and here we have plenty of details to consider.

Red leather S2000 Interior

Most of the S2000′s we have seen have got a plain black interior which although still quite nicely put together leaves a lot to the be desired. This S2000 has two tone leather seats in red and black and this matches the outside paint job perfectly.

Re upholstered van interior

We spotted this awesome van interior and just couldn’t resist snapping it.

It is a crafstman standard of finish with carefully shaped wood, a glass panel that shows through the rear axle and chassis and a sort of white quilted finish. I think this certainly counts as unusual and totally impractical. Unusually we didn’t find any large speakers, amps or bass boxes in there either!

206 Retrimmed Interior Styling

Some show cars look great only the outside, not this stunning 206. It has had a complete interior retrim and looks absolutely stunning. If only Peugeot turned out cars that look as good as this.

The NoS bottle you see in the door is actually a spare but the rear one is wired up to the engine and ready to give some serious boost. An orange and black theme has been carried over to this interior and pretty much every surface of this cars interior has been retrimmed, painted or upgraded in some way.

Modified CRX Interior

Interiors needn’t be boring and grey or black, which seems to be all the manufacturers can be bothered to produce.

This CRX has had a very thorough makeover. It has been extensively colour coded to match the Yellow exterior. Details such as a grey stripe help to stop the Yellow from overpowering the driver. A custom steering wheel with red inserts also helps to life what would otherwise be a rather boring interior.

206cc interior styling

This is the interior of Tony’s stunning 206cc. This has to be one of the most complete interior style makeovers we have seen to date. This retrimmed 206cc inteior boasts carbon seats, dials and guages and more toys that you know what to play with. There are too many details to list and Tony has not made the mistake of adding too many shapes or colours keeping it based around a chrome, black and blue theme. By keeping the interior colour scheme simple the whole thing ties together nicely.

The interior has evolved over time and we have seen dials moved around a bit but every step has been carefully planned out.

The rear of the Carbon fibre seats have a sprayed art Lips with Eye image on them.

A wider shot showing just how few of the original 206cc features remain.

Cool Focus leather trimmed interior

Today we are looking at the interior of a very special Ford Focus, which takes the car firmly into a show winning class of it’s own. We see excellent use of black and red leather throughout, professionally stitched. The Door speakers have been professionally installed. We like the chrome and black steering wheel, white dials and are big fans of the Carbon fibre seats.

Honda S2000 Interior

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The Honda S2000 looks great from the outside and even the interior styling is something worthy of mention. The dash and most of the interior is trimmed in black, we have seen some red leather interiors that look great but perhaps a little over the top for most tastes.

White honda dashboard styling

This Honda dash has been painted/retrimmed in white. It is a fantastic look and rather than go for the common white dials this owner has a white surround with black dials.

Pagani Zonda Carbon F interior

Shy retiring types go with grey and black cloth trimmed interior, however if you own a Pagani Zonda you clearly don’t fit the “shy retiring” description.

Interior styling and car mats for Nissan 300 zx

Blue and chromed interior of a Nissan 300zx. You will spend much of your time looking at the inside of the car it is a good idea to liven it up a bit from the standard factory drab!

The patterned metal car mats with sumptuous leather blue trim make this a car to remember. Even interior details around and below the stereo have been retrimmed in blue. The key to interior styling is to stick to a theme and in this 300zx a chrome, and blue colour scheme look stunning.