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Design Ferrari Sports Cars 458 Italia

PRESS RELEASE Following international acclaim for their finely honed Porsche GT2, GT3 and Panamera conversions, Oakley Design is now proud to announce their tuning programme for the Ferrari 458 Italia. Production will be limited to just 5 cars, each bearing a unique build number plaque. Outside of this Limited Edition model, individual parts will also be made available for clients who do not require the complete package. With Jon Oakley’s motorsport background central to the company’s philosophy, any change, whether aerodynamic or mechanical, is only done for sound technical reasons.

2010 Ferrari Sports Cars 458 Italia Tuning by Oakley Design production will be limited to just 5 cars, each bearing a unique build number plaque. Outside of this Limited Edition mode, individual parts will also be made available for clients who do not require the complete package.

With Jon Oakley motorsport background central to the company philosophy, any change whether aerodynamics or mechanical is only done for sound technical reasons.

Known for its customization programme for the Porsche 997 GT2, Oakley Design revealed today its tuning kit for the latest Ferrari 458 Italia. Because the car is quite perfect the tuning company decided to install a carbon-fiber front spoiler which adds 45kg of downforce over the front axle at 150mph (240km/h) but also a racecar style centrally positioned radiator vent designed to channel air out over the bonnet instead of under the car. And this is not all, as the tuning company installed new air exit ducts beside the headlamps.

Finally, a new rear spoiler with Gurney flap adds 25 kg of downforce over the rear axle at 150mph. This works together with the underbody diffuser to reduce the Italia overall drag by smoothing out the separating airflow. The only exterior alterations made for cosmetic reasons are the signature Oakley Design carbon fibre roof panel, mirror covers and engine cover insert below the rear window glass. These are matched in the engine bay by carbon-fibre panels covering the inner wings and rear bulkhead.

In order to optimize the sound of the engine, the car features a complete titanium exhaust system with triple outlet pipes and no bypass valve shaves a huge 30kg from the Italia’s aft section.

The design is completed by the 20-inch Oakley Design lightweight composite wheels which save a significant 8.0kg of unsprung weight per corner. For those who don’t know the standard 458 Italia comes with 570bhp and 540 Nm of torque but with some ECU tweaking the car delivers now 627bhp and 567 Nm of torque. With these numbers, the car ca sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.0 seconds (standard version can sprin in 3.4 seconds) and has a top speed of over 330 km/h. We have bad news though: the production of this customization programme will be limited to just 5 cars, each bearing a unique build number plaque.

2010 Novitec Rosso Sports Cars 599 RACE 848

NOVITEC ROSSO RACE 848 – this name stands for an absolutely unique high-performance sports car. Only three of these automotive masterpieces will be built. The two-seater car is based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and celebrates its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2010.

Underneath the striking aluminum skin that sports the unusual color combination of matte white and grey beats an extremely powerful heart: The 2010 NOVITEC ROSSO RACE 848 twelve-cylinder twin compressor engine produces 848 hp / 624 kW of power and has a peak torque of 842 Nm.

Powered by this engine the car sprints from rest to 100 km/h in less than 3.4 seconds, to 300 km/h in just 23.7 seconds, and reaches a top speed in excess of 345 km/h. This exclusive special model also features an aerodynamic-enhancement kit developed in the wind tunnel, three-piece 21-inch wheels with matching sports suspension, a high-performance brake system and exclusive interior options.

The NOVITEC ROSSO RACE 848 is powered by an evolutionary stage of the tried and proven twin-compressor engine conversion for the six-liter V12 four-valve engine of the F599. For an additional power increase of 40 hp / 29.4 kW both mechanical chargers were fitted with modified turbine blades, several details of the engine peripherals were modified and the engine electronics were reprogrammed.

The high-performance chargers have an electronically limited boost pressure of 0.48 bars. The chargers are driven by a cogged belt and have their own dedicated oil circuit. A large water-to-air intercooler with dedicated water circuit also contributes greatly to the optimal power yield. A custom-developed intake manifold, high-performance injectors and sport air filter round out the engine conversion.

In addition, high-performance headers custom-designed for the compressor engine and the NOVITEC ROSSO stainless-steel quad sport exhaust system with a pipe diameter of 90 millimeters are also installed. The intensity of the exhaust note can be adjusted with a little switch on the steering wheel called the ‘manettino.'

The NOVITEC ROSSO RACE 848 specification represents a power increase over the production engine of 228 hp / 167.8 kW to 848 hp / 624 kW at 7,900 rpm. Simultaneously peak torque grows by 234 Nm to 842 Nm at 6,300 rpm.

Longer carbon-fiber NOVITEC ROSSO shift paddles make shifts of the six-speed F1-Superfast transmission even quicker and more precise. The gearbox also plays a major part in the superior performance of the car. Acceleration from rest to 100 km/h takes just 3.4 seconds, the sprint to 200 km/h a mere 9.6 seconds. With a sprint time for 0 - 300 km/h of just 23.7 seconds the NOVITEC ROSSO RACE 848 solidifies its position among the world's fastest-sprinting sports cars. The car reaches a top speed of more than 345 km/h.

This level of performance places highest demands on well-balanced aerodynamic properties which received their finishing touches in the wind tunnel. The NOVITEC ROSSO front spoiler lip reduces lift on the front axle. The rear apron is upgraded visually and aerodynamically with a rear diffuser. The NOVITEC ROSSO rear wing further increases downforce.

The high-performance equipment also includes three-piece NOVITEC ROSSO NF3 wheels shod with Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires. The alloy wheels with five double spokes measure one inch diameter more than the production wheels. The front axle features size 9Jx20 wheels with size 275/30 ZR 20 tires. Size 12.5Jx21 wheels and size 355/25 ZR 21 tires on the rear axle provide excellent traction.

The height-adjustable NOVITEC ROSSO sport suspension also allows the damping rates to be set to the individual preferences of the future owners of the super sports car. The suspension's lift function on the front axle can be activated with a push of a button in the cockpit. It raises the front of the vehicle by 40 millimeters to safely navigate such obstacles as speed bumps or parking garage ramps. Upon reaching a speed of 80 km/h the suspension automatically reverts to its original drive position.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Hamann Sports Cars Ferrari California F149

World premiere at the 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show - the HAMANN tuning programme for the Ferrari California F149. HAMANN unveiled the 2010 HAMANN Ferrari California program at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. The HAMANN Ferrari California is powered by a standard 4.3 liter V8 engine that develops 460 hp which 20% more than standard. The extra horses of the HAMANN Ferrari California comes from a re-programmed ECU and a new sport exhaust system.
2010 Hamann Sports Cars Ferrari California F149
The aerodynamics package of the HAMANN Ferrari California F149 includes a carbon fiber bonnet, a new front spoiler, new side skirts, a rear spoiler and a small rear wing. The rear of the HAMANN Ferrari California is completed with a new diffuser.
Refining super sports cars is more than just business for the company HAMANN Motorsport. Their passion for detail, for something special and unique is the main incentive for extraordinary modifications. The latest stroke of genius once again confirms this. The HAMANN interpretation of the Ferrari California F149 with its exclusive and extensive refining programme does not only make the hearts of real Ferrari fans beat faster.
Most of all, the car body kit proves that HAMANN does not only focus on changing the visual appearance. Apart from design elements such as a bonnet made of carbon fibre, specific modifications at the front, sides and back boost the aerodynamics. Thereby, the front spoiler reduces the lifting forces of the California which significantly improves the handling and agility. Moreover, the unobtrusive side skirt set calms the airflow between both axles.
And moreover, a back spoiler increases the contact pressure. Here, the HAMANN engineers agreed on a small wing profile which considerably enhances the car body design. As the combination with the perfectly integrated and three-part rear diffuser renders enough grip for the road. Mainly on country roads with many curves, the HAMANN aerodynamics kit unravels its power and generates pure driving pleasure.
The extra agility and handling gives room for more performance. Also here, HAMANN-Motorsport contributes its know-how. An adjustment for the motor management is in preparation and a sport exhaust system will also be especially engineered for this sports car. This combination will advance the performance of the serial 4.3 litre V8 engine with 460 hp by up 20 percent.
Another technical highlight in the offered tuning programme is the multi-part HAMANN aluminium wheel called EDITION RACE. The black varnished rim star and the titanium bolting of the high-gloss polished rim flange emphasise the racing character. As the wheel is produced in forged technology, it is extremely light.
This reduces the unsprung masses which noticeably improves both the acceleration and the braking response. The recommended wheel-tyre combination measures 9.0Jx21 inches with 245/30ZR21 tyres for the front and 12.5Jx21 rims with wheels measuring 345/25ZR21 are fitted at the back. The wheel-tyre combination is perfectly enhanced by the suspension which is used in order to lower the sports car.
Also in the interior, HAMANN has a lot to offer to its customers. In addition to the serially offered interior, HAMANN Motorsport offers an extensive programme, ranging from personalised floor mats to a perfectly finished complete leather interior.

2010 MG Sport Cars TF 85th Anniversary

A few months ago MG presented a special version of its TF, the 85th Anniversary . At that time there were no interesting images of this model, but a recently emerged showing him incredibly. In the summer of 2009, two new MGs were being launched to join the highly successful MG TF LE500; the affordable MG TF 135 and a unique new MG that is being produced to mark the 85th Anniversary of the brand, the MG TF 85th Anniversary.
2010 MG TF 85th Anniversary
Jack Safiruddin, Sales & Aftersales Operations Manager for MG, said. "With summer kicking in, the launch of two new cars and our recent scrappage announcement regarding a £2000 reduction on the price of a new MG, the next few months will be a very tempting time for customers to get the new sports car they have always wanted."
The greatly anticipated MG TF 135 will be launched shortly and is sure to appeal to motorists who want sports car fun at a highly competitive price. Good levels of trim and equipment including a Clarion ICE system, combine with a price tag that will broaden its appeal and bring it within the budget of many more people. The TF 135 will hit showrooms shortly, offering all the fun and appeal of a convertible sports car at a highly affordable £13,511 OTR.
This special version differs from the conventional in several respects. For the new colors, a central line that runs almost everywhere, by an impressive tires, an air intake of a different design, graphics and a new air intake on the side, a rear reformed, and by a more pronounced spoiler. A unique MG TF is being launched to mark the 85th Anniversary of the MG brand. The MGTF 85th Anniversary will be a great looking car with fantastic handling.
This is the perfect car for taking out on the highway for a lazy Sunday. The true genius behind the design and engineering of the MG is the small but performance enhanced 1.8L 16v 135bhp 4 cylinder DOHC with its 5 speed manual transmission.
It may only pack a four cylinder engine but with performance at the forefront of it’s design, this MG can reach speeds of up to 127mph/205kph. Another cool feature on all MG’s is the patented multi-port fuel injection system. This means that the power is better distributed inside of the cylinder chamber. It’s like having a HEMI enveloped into a smaller package.
Other performance features on the new MG TF include the fact that it can go from 0-60mph in just 8.4 seconds.Available in three special colours overlaid with striking graphics and a new design of alloy wheel, from the outside the car looks sensational. The cabin is stunning too as the specialist graphics continue with monogrammed sill finishers and gear knob which complement new stylish Aubergine leather trim and a high quality ICE system.
Apart from the stunning look, the new TF 85th Anniversary model also benefits from a ride and handling package that's tuned to make this car unique to drive. Bilstein suspension, Eibach anti roll system, lower ride height, an all new anti torsion pack and a modified wheel set up on Rimstock 'Twisted Pepper' style wheels give the 85th Anniversary edition a grown up feel and very precise handling at high speeds.
The price is very interesting for Great Britain , is £ 15,664 , but apparently for some skills that made the Government your cost will be in the £ 13,664
With the fully loaded and highly specified MG TF LE500, the extremely affordable MG TF 135 and the tightly handling MG 85th Anniversary, MG now offers a family of cars that give existing owners looking for something new, as well as prospective customers who just want to enjoy British mid engined, top down sports car driving, some real choices.

2010 Aston Martin Sports Car Rapide Nurburgring Race Car

The Aston Martin Rapide Nurburgring race car has been unveiled today and the company says it will make its debut in the 24-Hour event that will take place on 15/16 May 2010. Previously, Aston Martin has competed in the Nurburgring 24-Hour race with the V8 Vantage and the V12 Vantage. for this year, the British brand goes four-door.
Aston Martin Rapide
For all those who thought Aston Martin had somehow gone soft by offering a four-door saloon, the famed British marque plans to prove the new Rapide is no slouch by entering it in the 38th ADAC Nurburgring 24-hour race on May 15-16. Piloting the vehicle win the grueling race will be none other than Aston Martin’s CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez, who at age 66 can still give the young guns a run for their money. Aston, with Bez at the wheel, has won top honors in the race’s production-based SP8 category for the past two years with versions of the Vantage coupe.
The Aston Martin Rapide Nurburgring will been entered in the race as company's Chief Executive, Dr Ulrich Bez considers this event represents the ultimate durability test for any sports car.
The Aston Martin Rapide Nurburgring is extremely close to the production car. The only differences between the Aston Martin Rapide Nurburgring and the production model include the removal of interior trim to save weight, re-tuned suspension and slick tires.
Aston Martin Rapide to contest gruelling Nürburgring 24-hour Race
Gaydon, Warwickshire 6 April 2010. Aston Martin will return to the starting grid of the legendary Nordschleife circuit for the fifth consecutive year at the 38th ADAC Nürburgring 24-hour race on 15/16 May 2010 with the marque's new four-door sports car; the Rapide.
Further underlining the sporting credentials of Aston Martin's latest model, the Rapide will compete in the demanding 24-hour race - as has been the case with other recent Aston Martin road cars, the V8 Vantage and V12 Vantage. The Rapide will compete in near-standard specification apart from mandatory changes required to compete in this most demanding of endurance races and will be driven by a team of engineers from the company's Gaydon headquarters in Warwickshire, England.
Aston Martin Chief Executive, Dr Ulrich Bez who will lead the Rapide driver team, explained: "This race represents the ultimate final engineering durability test for any sports car - it subjects the car to the toughest possible assessment under public scrutiny. "The Rapide has the capability to carry four people in comfort but first and foremost it is a sports car and we will subject it to the same tests we would our other sports cars. We already have a proven track record at the Nürburgring racing our road cars with limited modification and in recent years we have enjoyed success in winning the SP8 class both in 2008 and 2009."
The Rapide race car will be close to production standard with only essential race safety modifications, interior trim removed to reduce weight, re-tuned suspension and will run on slick tyres designed for track use. The Aston Martin Rapide encapsulates the values of Aston Martin in pure four-door sports car form with an unrivalled combination of performance, comfort, craftsmanship and exceptionally elegant design. Since the Rapide's original premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 the car has gone on to win the widespread approval of customers and media commentators alike, prompting strong global demand for the car. Deliveries of the Rapide commence later this month through Aston Martin's 125-strong global dealership network.
The Rapide race car will be joined by a V12 Vantage - again modified only slightly for racing - which in 2009 swept to a class win on its competitive race debut. The near production standard V12 Vantage - which finished in 21st place overall last year - saw off competition from a field of largely specialist race cars in the SP8 class to claim an impressive debut win.
Further details on the V12 Vantage and the full driver line-ups for both Aston Martin entries plus details on a number of customer teams competing in the race will follow in the coming weeks.
The 38th ADAC Nürburgring 24 hour race will take place on 15/16 May 2010.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 HSV Sport Cars HSV 20 Years Of Clubsport Limited Edition

HSV ClubSport 20th Anniversary Edition Launched. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ClubSport, Holden Special Vehicles has launched today the HSV 20 Years Of Clubsport limited edition model. The HSV sports car 20 Years Of Clubsport will be equipped with the company's performance suspension, 20 inch Pentagon wheels in Millennium silver and leather seats as standard. The HSV sports car 20 Years Of Clubsport will also wear a unique decal on the rear window showing a modern iteration of the original VN CS ClubSport badge.
2010 HSV Sport Cars HSV 20 Years Of Clubsport Limited Edition
“With this level of value add at no additional cost we anticipate the 100 vehicles will move very quickly and good luck to the person who manages to grab No.1 in the model build,” said General Manager of Sales, Darren Bowler. “City Motors HSV in Perth recorded the highest HSV sports car vehicle sales in 2009 and have been rewarded with the privilege of retailing the No. 1 vehicle to the lucky HSV buyer.”
The The HSV sports car 20 Years Of Clubsport also comes with LED daytime running lights, and various other styling accents.
The HSV 20 Years Of Clubsport price starts at $66,690 AUD for the manual version and at $68,690 AUD for the automatic and only 100 units will ever be available. The first unit of the HSV sports car 20 Years Of Clubsport will probably be the most valuable one. The sales of the new limited edition model will start this month.
Holden Special Vehicle - HSV sports car Press Release:
Australia’s high performance car manufacturer, Holden Special Vehicles, has launched a limited edition model to help celebrate 20 years of its most successful and enduring nameplate – the ClubSport.
The ClubSport brand first appeared as a permanent fixture within the HSV sports car range back in June of 1990 as a VN HSV ClubSport. Featuring a 5.0 liter engine boasting 180kW and 400Nm only 410 VN series ClubSports were built. The model has evolved today to become the highest selling vehicle in the HSV sports car line-up.
General Manager of Marketing and Communications, Tim Jackson, said this milestone was worthy of celebration for the company. ”If we step back 20 years to 1990, this really was a watershed year for the HSV sports car brand. Not only did we introduce our first ClubSport model in June but 1990 also represented our first Bathurst, victory with the Holden Racing Team, who are also celebrating 20 years of success this year."
”The ClubSport has such great history and meaning within our business, and it has always been our purists vehicle - bringing track focused performance and handling to a road vehicle,” Tim Jackson said.
For that reason HSV has taken a ‘back-to-basics’ approach with the 20 years of Clubsport model producing a feature packed high performance vehicle for the true HSV collector. The 20 Years of ClubSport model will receive as standard HSV’s performance suspension, 20 inch Pentagon wheels in Millennium silver and leather seats for no additional cost.
It will be identifiable by a unique decal on the rear window, which the HSV enthusiast will recognise as a modern iteration of the original VN “CS ClubSport” badge, to commemorate the anniversary of the model.
General Manager of Sales, Darren Bowler, said he expected the car to be well received within the HSV Dealer network and amongst HSV’s strong customer base. “With this level of value add at no additional cost we anticipate the 100 vehicles will move very quickly and good luck to the person who manages to grab No.1 in the model build.
“City Motors HSV in Perth recorded the highest HSV vehicle sales in 2009 and have been rewarded with the privilege of retailing the No. 1 vehicle to the lucky HSV buyer,” Darren Bowler said.
The 100 limited edition 20 Years of ClubSport models will start appearing in HSV Dealers show rooms across Australia from late June. The vehicle will come with an RRP of $66,690 for manual and $68,690 for automatic.
HSV ClubSport Fast Facts:
- The ClubSport model has been exported to both the UK and the Middle East markets.
- The best build year for ClubSport was 2003 with over 2200 being built.
- When the first ClubSport went on sale (VN), its RRP was $33,320 (man) and $34,140 (auto), and a total of 410 were built. Its engine was a 4987cc V8 producing 180kw ' 400Nm.
- The ClubSport model has had four different engine variants over its lifespan including the original 5.0 litre then the 5.7 litre LS1, 6.0 litre LS2 and the current 6.2 litre LS3.