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SRT-10 Dodge Viper The fastest sports car

SRT-10 Dodge Viper The fastest sports car

SRT-10 Dodge Viper Powered by a 8.3 Litre V10 which is essentially a Dodge truck V8 with two extra cylinders grafted on, the Viper has incredible straight line performance. Handling and build quality of the Viper is however less refined and reassuring compared to its European rivals.Dodge Viper began in 1996.

External review by Rodney Rawson
The Dodge Viper - The viper idea all started in 1988 with just a clay model. Soon after the car was was constructed and displayed at put on display auto shows. The Chrysler Corporation did not expect the Viper to be such a big hit. The viper certainly got a lot of people interested, and in 1992 The first Viper RT/10 Roadster was produced. It initially came in only two color choices, black and the more common red. In 1996 The Dodge Viper GTS was introduced. The GTS was a hard top instead of the soft top RT/10.
SRT-10 Dodge Viper The fastest sports car

In the late 1980's and early 90's Chrysler was running out of money, and fast, and that is part of the reason for the Viper, they needed a 'halo car' car that could help them with their money problems and it worked.
In 1994 a television series starring the Dodge Viper was aired on NBC it was called of course, Viper. The show took place in a futuristic city and the Viper was a type of police car. It starts out like an ordinary Viper and with the push of a button it turned into the Defender, the ultimate crime fighting machine. Chrysler created the show to help there sales with the viper.
In 2003 the Dodge Viper was changed dramatically, in both appearance and performance. The Dodge Viper was the fastest sports car for under 100 thousand, until the Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 came along. Dodge plans to counter the Corvette with a new, faster and nicer Viper in 2008. Let's hope. The Viper is a true American sports car.

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