Thursday, April 15, 2010

DTM style'd cars body kit

I like the Braubus better, but that is an ineresting body kit eh. With all the latest goings on at Merc. I wonder if we'll see an AMG BLACK edition. I can honestly say this is one fo the neatest looking cars I've seen in quite awhile.

I loved the old one based off the CLK series (I'm a sucker for DTM style'd cars eh )

And now they've just made it even better,this one's based off of the SL series (although I liked the CLK series body better), too bad there's NO MANUAL!!!! To me a performance car is completely useless as a tool for producing Joy without a manual transmission. I don't think I can ever be happy drivining an auto. in anything.
edit: picture removed so there wasn't some Vette cluttering up this thread...

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