Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lewis’s Chevrolet Beretta

My car about a year and a little more later. I have added a lot of mods since then. Some of the most visible mods are the 17" Alba wheels wraped in toyo tires.I have also bought a complete Vader bodykit from Extreme Dimensions. (link to extreme dimensions is on the side). I also shaved the Chevy symbol off the stock z26 grill to give it a more clean look. Right now i am sponsored by Kolor Shoppe of Chico California and buy all my parts through Contagious Motorsports.

I wrecked My car in January '05. I was really pissed off i did not have full coverage insurance so i had to fix it my self parts were about $140 and then i fixed it my self it is still a little screwed up though.

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