Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Toyota Celica VFiber Blazer Body Kit

Toyota Celica VFiber Blazer Body Kit - FK00TCBMX

  • 4PC
  • Material: FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

    Made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic:
    A light-weight composite structural material of plastic and fiberglass in fibrous form used in making various automotive body parts, namely body kits.

    Vision Autodynamics is proud to introduce the VFiber line of products which include carbon fiber as well as fiberglass aerodynamic parts. All VFiber products are crafted with pinpoint precision, diligent care and top quality materials along with strict quality control standards to ensure products unparalleled by the competition. The design team at Vision Autodynamics prides its work on one word, "Originality". The Vision Team develops masterpieces for the dynamic aero fashion industry where art meets machine and where performance meets fashion. Each new design is drawn from the ground-up and rigorously reviewed to ensure that Vision Autodynamics designs are striking while encompassing simplicity to match the sophisticated aerodynamic look of the cars.
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