Friday, April 9, 2010

Twin turbo V6 and wide body

In a show of 2010 Camaros, we did manage to find a V6 version, but you would have never guessed it looking at the out side. Meet the Heritage Camaro. This twin-turbo V6 Camaro was one of the GM Dollar cars that was given away earlier this year. In a short period of time, this car was put together for the SEMA show with some really creative and powerful design cues added, removed, changed or molded to create a car that looks stunning from all angles. The wide body kit adds a strong stance to the car. The body lines that the new Camaro is known for are still there, just slightly faired or extended.

The car was both built and designed in Grand Island, New York by Sound Choice Audio and Performance. They wanted to create a car that paid tribute to the Camaro’s muscle car past, and the car’s future as well. I think they were able to accomplish this, but what I really like is the use of the V6. Now before you try to cut my head off for saying that, listen to what is done to it.

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